Wednesday, November 5, 2008


so, with stress levels rising...i went into my class on tuesday morning, and walked out twice as stressed as before. i have learned that i need to change my thesis idea completely to fit what i really want to say. o boy!
i understand why i need to do it as well as how, but why find out about it now?! when i have spent almost a full year working
on what i have at the moment. hooray for me.
so, on the verge of exploding...i decided to take some time off today, and do somewhat nothing. well, nothing that is any shape or form related to my thesis. on that note, i look forward to this upcoming weekend and week of classes that consist of me busting my butt for a result th
at i hope will be somewhat satisfying for crit in a couple weeks.
i love senior year.
speaking of exploding...if i hadn't mentioned it before, here's a lovely picture i took of some fireworks that were seen at our annual old home days celebration during the summer in my hometown.

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