Wednesday, September 16, 2009

let's fall into fall! :)


haven't been that good at updating this over the summer. been bored out of my mind for most of it, and struggling to find a new part-time job.

well...that's all over now.

got hired at the Picture People in the mall...yay! that's definitely been keeping me busy. especially when it's combined with my other job at hannaford. :)

been working on taking some senior pictures as well. already done 2 girls, friends of my sister. and just finished photographing my sister, she just needs to choose ones she likes out of the pile i took :)

here's my favorites. :D

Friday, May 29, 2009

rain rain go away.

stuck on the inside, looking at the rain falling for the past 3 days....i'm starting to loose it a little. work hasn't been giving me very many hours, so i'm trying to look online for something else. that's not going too well.

so, to relieve my boredom a little bit, i'll post some pictures i've taken since i graduated :)

walked the breakwater lighthouse in rockland, maine

went to my friend's wedding, in waldoboro, maine

took pictures of my sister and her friends before their junior prom. she's in the blue.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

thesis show

so, it's the END of the semester...*YES*. and that means my thesis work is hanging on a wall in a hallway at maine college of art. go see it, it looks great :D

thesis paper is printed, signed, and passed in. YAY. no need for a 3rd draft, that means i did a great job :) i hope.

final crit has happened, and went VERY WELL. as did my review :D *yay* i have burst out of my shell of struggling through senior year as a photo major, and have come out with a great body of work that can be identified by others outside of my majors group. i have sucessfully succeeded in creating a body of work that can be enjoyed for the look and the content. WHOOOOO! hahaha.

donated a print to a friend who let me inside one of the buildings i photographed, and it is now hanging in my hometown's little "museum", the taylor house, which makes me SUPER EXCITED!!!!

here's what my spot in the school's thesis show looks like, with all of my work :)
(and yes, i have a corner and a doorway in my spot, which i am happy for, due to my work's size. it helped with the organizing problems i was worried about concerning a long area of wall space.)

Saturday, April 25, 2009


classes are officially OVER! *dance*

two more weeks, and it's time for graduation!!!!

going to portland everyday this week, to get things done, and wrapped up, and clean my studio out.
can't wait!!

tomorrow is "hanging" day for me and a couple of my fellow photo peeps. i hope it'll be done and over with quickly and painless. it's supposed to be such a nice day that i don't want to be inside all day, again.

heres a literal inside peek of my thesis work. i was able to actually get inside one of the buildings i was photographing...ok, i was let in. i ended up knowing the guy who lived on the property this old mill is located.

i'll be sure to save all of my thesis work onto my flashdrive so i can post it here this week.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


i feel like i'm slowly getting left behind. especially with the growing amounts of homework and other paperwork that i have to get done. spring break is officially over, but was basically non-existent for me. i think i had one 'fun' day the whole week. i spent the last two days at school, all day, working. that's not a vacation. can i have a redo? please?

spent the whole time reading(a 300 pg book, and other readings for research and essays), writing essays(which is what most of the readings were for, and which were late, because i had to time to work on them before now), and taking pictures for my thesis work, which i had to slightly change....FOR THE THIRD TIIIIME! :(

i feel emotionally and physically exhausted, and it's not even the end of the semester yet. so that means...yes, it's going to get worse. yay.

i finished my ICA piece at 8pm yesterday....i just wanted to get out of that basement. 9 hours in front of a computer screen is not good, for anyone. so, one thing down, 100 million more to do! wooohoooo

sorry, don't have any pictures today, i switched to completely shooting in RAW format, and my computer doesn't recognize RAW files :( *rawr*

Monday, February 16, 2009

breaking ice

another week done.
and it's already time to be thinking about the thesis show, o goody.

my description for my single piece that i am hanging in the ICA for the "index show" needs to be turned in by this friday. i only have 3 pieces that are complete at the moment. plus need to redo another one...something happened to the's all fuzzy and major pixelated.

had to brainstorm an idea that would be cheaper than framing a piece, cuz i'm broke. framing a picture that is 16x130 inches wudn't be fun, i can tell you that now...buh.

planning on rusting some nails and eyelets....attaching the eyelets to the corners of my printed picture, and yea...u get the idea. weeeellll....the nails i happened to get are too big to fit thru the eyelets....AND of course, i have happened to misplace the reciept in order to return the nails. GUH. just great. and it's only been TWO days...i have no idea how i did it. it seems that when i get stressed out, i happen to loose my short term memory. which is amazing....not.

5 page paper due on friday...have about 4 pages done at the moment...but it's mostly quotes and supporting facts about my work and the historical ties. but, of course, my mind is elesewhere, so getting my thoughts on paper at the moment isn't really the best thing to be doing. especially when it would probably be profanities left and right expressing my anger right now. GUh.

no classes today because of presidents day...meaning it shud be more of a relaxation day...or to get homework done, but of course i'm going every which way in my mind, that it is SUPER had to concentrate on one particular thing. which is why i sit here still in my pj's (im showered, but still in pjs). LOL. nice, huh?

i guess it's time to rumage thru the stack of books i checked out from the library, see if there's anything that i've missed. or to just get more inspiration to keep moving through this, there's only a couple more months to this, i'm hoping i'll get there. favorite, cemetaries :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

trudging along thru the snow

two months into the semester...and only three more to go. i believe it is about time to start freaking out. o wait, i have.
deadlines are quickly approaching, and i really need to catch up on my work.
at least i am doing something that is now appealing to an audience. i had to make a minor adjustment, but i believe it is going very well.
i have two buildings completely photographed that are waiting to be pieced back together on the computer, and one that needs to be printed. hopefully going to photograph another building today, and another tomorrow.
by the way, i am now photographing abandoned buildings in my hometown, if i haven't mentioned that already. i can't remember if i have, my brain is scattered to so many different things at the moment that it's hard to remember simple things.
but, yeah. definitely struggling to keep everything together.
here's some pictures i took yesterday. went snowshoeing with my sister out to the house i was photographing.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

let the semester begin!

so, the semester has started again with a sneeze. yes, i said sneeze. it's only the third day back, and i'm pretty sure i'm coming down with something. and i know exactly who i got it from too.

this semester looks like it's going to be challenging, and i can't wait for it!! not really. it's taken me 3 days, and 3 tries to put together one of my panoramas for my new thesis plan. finally finished the first one just minutes ago, but sorry...not posting it on here. at least not yet. planning on working on the second one tomorrow.

i'm hoping that i'll be able to get over this stupid runny nose soon, i dont enjoy carrying around a roll of toliet paper. :P but, hey it works! and to get more hours from work, i'm getting low on school supply money. the year seemed to be starting pretty good, but i'm not so sure about it now.

must keep those fingers crossed until everything has come and gone. hope makes the world go round, i guess.

here's a sneak peek of the second panorama i have going. this is just an extra shot i took of the doorway because of the animal prints that went across the bottom step.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

the clock ticks on

so, classes start this coming up monday. and i really haven't taken any pictures that have any relation to my thesis since the semester ended. woops. i've really been mulling it over in my head over the past month, and i think i might have an idea that should work very well. if not, then i'm in some deep trouble. now all i have to do is get my self motivated in the next 4 days to shoot some really good photos, that will hopefully and finally show what i'm trying to say about my hometown. i only have a limited amount of time to pull this idea off, so i hope it all works out.
yay. it's the new year, so hopefully things will work out a lot better than they have been, mostly school related. :)
i still don't have any new photos that are related to my thesis at the moment, but i can share a photo that i took on christmas, that shows one of my obsessions. food photography, sometimes not as pretty as it should look, like in cooking magazines and such. it's my own insight of it i guess.