Wednesday, January 14, 2009

let the semester begin!

so, the semester has started again with a sneeze. yes, i said sneeze. it's only the third day back, and i'm pretty sure i'm coming down with something. and i know exactly who i got it from too.

this semester looks like it's going to be challenging, and i can't wait for it!! not really. it's taken me 3 days, and 3 tries to put together one of my panoramas for my new thesis plan. finally finished the first one just minutes ago, but sorry...not posting it on here. at least not yet. planning on working on the second one tomorrow.

i'm hoping that i'll be able to get over this stupid runny nose soon, i dont enjoy carrying around a roll of toliet paper. :P but, hey it works! and to get more hours from work, i'm getting low on school supply money. the year seemed to be starting pretty good, but i'm not so sure about it now.

must keep those fingers crossed until everything has come and gone. hope makes the world go round, i guess.

here's a sneak peek of the second panorama i have going. this is just an extra shot i took of the doorway because of the animal prints that went across the bottom step.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

the clock ticks on

so, classes start this coming up monday. and i really haven't taken any pictures that have any relation to my thesis since the semester ended. woops. i've really been mulling it over in my head over the past month, and i think i might have an idea that should work very well. if not, then i'm in some deep trouble. now all i have to do is get my self motivated in the next 4 days to shoot some really good photos, that will hopefully and finally show what i'm trying to say about my hometown. i only have a limited amount of time to pull this idea off, so i hope it all works out.
yay. it's the new year, so hopefully things will work out a lot better than they have been, mostly school related. :)
i still don't have any new photos that are related to my thesis at the moment, but i can share a photo that i took on christmas, that shows one of my obsessions. food photography, sometimes not as pretty as it should look, like in cooking magazines and such. it's my own insight of it i guess.