Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This book idea is driving me somewhat crazy. I want to get it done, and done right, but it seems that momentum has been halted by some kind of decision making mechanism inside my head.
Every spare moment that i should be spending on my thesis, i decide to do something else that has nothing to do with it. i have kind of lost my enthusiasm about it, until i start talking about it, and then the enthusiasm returns in one form or another. which reminds me that i need to work on it asap. It's like i need to light a fire under my butt to get anything done. Senior-itis has come sooner than i would have liked, it seems.

Speaking of is a shot that i took a couple months ago of the fire tower that is on the top of Ossipee Hill, which i live on.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

let's get this book started, shall we?

ok, so, i hung up my first "drafts" of my book idea for my thesis. i had eight spreads up on the wall for crit yesterday, which was a lot for me to get done. some of the pages were half blank, because i didn't have anything at the moment to fill in the space without making it look weird. i got a lot of feedback that help with questions i had about the page size good? the line design on each page? too much type? not enough images? larger images? etc.

i definitely need to continue writing for the book, that's a no brainer, but it just takes time and enthusiasm to get done, and i don't want to just half-ass it either. so, that has been added to my to-do list for the next week, along with working on an artist bio, and my "trajectory presentation" for my critical approaches class. no more research projects to do this semester, thank god.

well, here is a photo i took this past weekend, it's included in my book plan.
the photo is of a group of mailboxes, seen in the part of town that i used to live.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

what to do, what to do?

i have so many things that need to done for school right now that i don't know where to start. and i know that it will just get worse as the year goes on. my thesis work has taken a slight "back-seat" to everything else at the moment, which i know is a very bad decision, but other things are more important at the moment to get done and get done right.

i tried to convince myself that a 4 day weekend vacation from school would do some good to relax and not think about school work. boy, was i wrong. when i came back monday afternoon, i was more worried and stressed about things to do this week than i was when i left on friday. the only good thing that ran through my mind the whole weekend was about how good the photos i took while in greenville would look really good in a portfolio, even if they have absolutely nothing to do with my thesis.

oh well. what's done is done, and there's nothing more for me to do than to get over this and continue to work on assignments for school. which is what i plan to do tomorrow. just need to remember that this semester is almost done, which is a sigh of relief and a scream of horror at the same time. i'll be happy when it's all over.

anyways, here's a photo i took in blanchard, maine, where my families "camp" is. it's a view from a ledge of slate that is man-made. it's right next to where the slate quarries are, there's at least two of them up there in the side of the mountain.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

just a try

ok, so. this is my first blog entry... ever. well, besides on myspace, but that dosen't count.
no classes for the next couple days, because of Columbus Day vacation. so, that gives plenty of time to catch up on overwhelming amounts of homework. *yay* too bad that i'm going away to Greenville for 4 whole days. but, i'll be taking plenty of photographs the whole time that i'm not on the back of an atv. :)
(took this the last time i went up to greenville)
hopefully by the time i get back on monday, i'll be a little less stressed out from schoolwork and making up my mind about which direction i'm going for my thesis, and i'll have photos to post on here :D