Sunday, November 30, 2008


the semester is ALMOST over, and i cannot wait. i have been concentrating on everything else school related for the past week and a half, that i have seemed to have forgotten to keep up with my thesis work. i hope i'll get over that in a couple days. i should go out today and shoot a bit, but i have to finish other stuff for this week, and hopefully i'll be able to go out and about on wednesday. my "free" day of the week. i have two presentations to do this week, one tuesday and one friday. one is 8 minutes, the other only 3. i think i'll be able to handle it. i'm horrible at talking about my work, i'm never able to completely voice what i'm trying to do, i always seem to leave something out. i'll keep my fingers crossed, and hope for the very best. which reminds me, i still need to scan my old work from high school and freshman year. yay.
at least i have something figured out, i know, kind of, where i'm going with my thesis. and hopefully i'll be able to continue this through out the winter months. i had problems last year with the snow getting
in the way of what i really wanted to capture in my photos.
ugh, snow. not looking forward to that white stuff, i'm just hoping that it will hold off for another week or two, i hate driving in it.
here's a pretty spring-y picture, to get my
mind off of the snow. :) it was taken near my friends house, while we were walking her dogs.

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