Wednesday, November 19, 2008


so, this week has been a complete train-wreck thus far. all because of a simple forgetful mistake monday morning, and that has effected the past couple days to be more stressful than they should have to be.
but! good news! i now know the direction my thesis will be going in. *yay* i will be focusing on the small details of places that i was going to be/have been photographing in the same state of mind that i was planning for my original idea for my thesis. if that makes any sense at all, i hope it does.
meaning i need to have my camera on me more often than i usually do. which i don't mind at all, for it's like an extra arm anyways.
only a couple more days to this semester, and i can't wait, but also freaking out at the same time. so many things are due, with not much time to do it all in! i'm hoping that i'll be able to pull something off in time.
i kinda feel like i'm falling...and theres really no one to help me up. it's totally up to me to catch myself and fix everything. i feel just like the girl about to fall over in this picture i took over the summer at our old home day fair in my hometown.

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