Monday, February 16, 2009

breaking ice

another week done.
and it's already time to be thinking about the thesis show, o goody.

my description for my single piece that i am hanging in the ICA for the "index show" needs to be turned in by this friday. i only have 3 pieces that are complete at the moment. plus need to redo another one...something happened to the's all fuzzy and major pixelated.

had to brainstorm an idea that would be cheaper than framing a piece, cuz i'm broke. framing a picture that is 16x130 inches wudn't be fun, i can tell you that now...buh.

planning on rusting some nails and eyelets....attaching the eyelets to the corners of my printed picture, and yea...u get the idea. weeeellll....the nails i happened to get are too big to fit thru the eyelets....AND of course, i have happened to misplace the reciept in order to return the nails. GUH. just great. and it's only been TWO days...i have no idea how i did it. it seems that when i get stressed out, i happen to loose my short term memory. which is amazing....not.

5 page paper due on friday...have about 4 pages done at the moment...but it's mostly quotes and supporting facts about my work and the historical ties. but, of course, my mind is elesewhere, so getting my thoughts on paper at the moment isn't really the best thing to be doing. especially when it would probably be profanities left and right expressing my anger right now. GUh.

no classes today because of presidents day...meaning it shud be more of a relaxation day...or to get homework done, but of course i'm going every which way in my mind, that it is SUPER had to concentrate on one particular thing. which is why i sit here still in my pj's (im showered, but still in pjs). LOL. nice, huh?

i guess it's time to rumage thru the stack of books i checked out from the library, see if there's anything that i've missed. or to just get more inspiration to keep moving through this, there's only a couple more months to this, i'm hoping i'll get there. favorite, cemetaries :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

trudging along thru the snow

two months into the semester...and only three more to go. i believe it is about time to start freaking out. o wait, i have.
deadlines are quickly approaching, and i really need to catch up on my work.
at least i am doing something that is now appealing to an audience. i had to make a minor adjustment, but i believe it is going very well.
i have two buildings completely photographed that are waiting to be pieced back together on the computer, and one that needs to be printed. hopefully going to photograph another building today, and another tomorrow.
by the way, i am now photographing abandoned buildings in my hometown, if i haven't mentioned that already. i can't remember if i have, my brain is scattered to so many different things at the moment that it's hard to remember simple things.
but, yeah. definitely struggling to keep everything together.
here's some pictures i took yesterday. went snowshoeing with my sister out to the house i was photographing.