Saturday, January 16, 2010

welcome to "the new world"

so, life after college is nice.
except for the whole loan repayment part. guh.

i'm thankful for my second job at the picture people, that has been helping me out sooooo much. financially and professionally. over-time during the holidays is CRAZY. soooo many people come in to get photos done before but! now that the holidays are over, yikes...i'm running a little short on loan payment money :/ great.

i'm trying to keep myself occupied and busy, but there's not much to do in this economy and this time of the year....

there's NO WAY i'm getting a third job. no way. two is hard enough to keep straight. i'll just have to start selling my old books from school online or something...and hope that will help some.

i got a new camera for christmas! which i bought with money that i got from selling my old one! yay! upgrade! :D here's some photos from my new camera.