Tuesday, February 21, 2012

beach in february!

so, february is almost over... and we still don't have THAT much snow. it's been more like an early maine spring.... maybe we'll get snow on my birthday, who knows, it's happened before! :]

mmm, the candy i got for valentine's day :] it didn't take too long for me to eat them all ;p

this past weekend, on my day off.... my family stopped at the biddeford pool public beach for a short walk and to just take in the nice day. i got a remote shutter button for my camera for christmas, and apparently the battery life isn't very long, because it wouldn't work. :[ i had to use the self timer, and dash to the rock without hurting myself, which is pretty hard since i'm a klutz!

it was so pretty there that day! a little chilly from the wind, but the sun was wonderful :] still i little early to go swimming, but i think the best time of year to just enjoy the beach scenery is the middle of the winter, there aren't any tourists ^_^.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a visit

A friend of mine who now lives in New York came to visit home for a couple days. i met up with her at a local restaurant, the peppermill. it was my first time going to their new location, and for lunch! it was delicious! especially their homemade potato chips. yum!

that's her in the pink, she looooves pink, and her friend that came along to Maine for the first time.

went back to her parents house, where we had tea, talked, and played some garbage rummy. i loooove this teacup!

we went to shuffle the deck, and when it was split down the middle, there were the two jokers, isn't that funny?? and yes, that's santa... it's a holiday themed coca cola deck :]

it was definitely i fun day, besides the slightly messy snow filled morning. we got quite a bit of reminiscing done, which is always fun.

Monday, January 30, 2012

weekend of fun

i researched what i would need to finish my quilt... which calls for a trip to joann fabric, as well as maaaahdens ;] lol. so in until i get there, i will do some of my jewelry making.

after a sunday morning of my favorite things, chocolate chip pancakes, and a new episode of the sunday morning show, i put my ideas to work, and come out with a pair of earrings, and the start of a pin. i need a piece of leather like material or something to put behind the little flower thing... it just needs a little bit of stability. (the brown flower pin to the left of the image below)

after i was out of ideas for a bit, went to spend time with my boyfriend, watched some 'finding bigfoot' episodes (definitely some funny stuff), the brand new episode of Once Upon a Time (AMAZING), and reheated some delicious lasagna rolls that i made the previous night. yum.

we were hoping to go to the beach today after i got out of work, but it's still windy, causing the temperature to be not beach worthy. another day. :]

Saturday, January 28, 2012

what's new!

i actually have the whole weekend off from work, soooo, i'm trying to keep myself busy and not just sitting around. i had a stack, more like a pile, of shirts that no longer fit, but are too special to me to just give away of to throw out. so, i decided to cut them up, and keep the front designs and sew them together to make a quilt!
this was the pile i had to start off with :]

this is actually an iron on transfer from my artificial lighting class, it's an example of our process of creating an image for one of our assignments. the image on the left is some of my classmates setting up the 4x5 camera, making sure all the settings are correct, and the image on the right is the actual final image. pretty cool.

and this image is a portion of the squares that i have to work with to create my quilt. :] i have to get some more fabric for the backing and such, which will have to be another day. tomorrow i get to focus a little more on something else i have decided to take up in my spare time.... jewelry making... i've already made 2 keychains, and a pin. moooore to come! :] hopefully i can actually sell this jewelry along with some photographs at a local craft fair this summer/holiday time. i've been planning on doing something like that for the last 2 years, but haven't gotten things together in time to do so. hoping this year will be the year! lol! i need to get myself out in the world and get recognized a little more than i am at this moment. :]

i'm going to try my best to post on here every couple days. my post history is a little lonely. ;p

Friday, January 27, 2012

lets go!

i need to get my butt in gear and take some photographs!!! i'm slacking.... not good.

going to start bringing my camera with me when i go places... don't really like doing that because it gets so cold outside... but i needs to be done!! because i need to actually start using this blog. :]