Saturday, March 14, 2009


i feel like i'm slowly getting left behind. especially with the growing amounts of homework and other paperwork that i have to get done. spring break is officially over, but was basically non-existent for me. i think i had one 'fun' day the whole week. i spent the last two days at school, all day, working. that's not a vacation. can i have a redo? please?

spent the whole time reading(a 300 pg book, and other readings for research and essays), writing essays(which is what most of the readings were for, and which were late, because i had to time to work on them before now), and taking pictures for my thesis work, which i had to slightly change....FOR THE THIRD TIIIIME! :(

i feel emotionally and physically exhausted, and it's not even the end of the semester yet. so that means...yes, it's going to get worse. yay.

i finished my ICA piece at 8pm yesterday....i just wanted to get out of that basement. 9 hours in front of a computer screen is not good, for anyone. so, one thing down, 100 million more to do! wooohoooo

sorry, don't have any pictures today, i switched to completely shooting in RAW format, and my computer doesn't recognize RAW files :( *rawr*