Tuesday, February 21, 2012

beach in february!

so, february is almost over... and we still don't have THAT much snow. it's been more like an early maine spring.... maybe we'll get snow on my birthday, who knows, it's happened before! :]

mmm, the candy i got for valentine's day :] it didn't take too long for me to eat them all ;p

this past weekend, on my day off.... my family stopped at the biddeford pool public beach for a short walk and to just take in the nice day. i got a remote shutter button for my camera for christmas, and apparently the battery life isn't very long, because it wouldn't work. :[ i had to use the self timer, and dash to the rock without hurting myself, which is pretty hard since i'm a klutz!

it was so pretty there that day! a little chilly from the wind, but the sun was wonderful :] still i little early to go swimming, but i think the best time of year to just enjoy the beach scenery is the middle of the winter, there aren't any tourists ^_^.

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