Monday, January 30, 2012

weekend of fun

i researched what i would need to finish my quilt... which calls for a trip to joann fabric, as well as maaaahdens ;] lol. so in until i get there, i will do some of my jewelry making.

after a sunday morning of my favorite things, chocolate chip pancakes, and a new episode of the sunday morning show, i put my ideas to work, and come out with a pair of earrings, and the start of a pin. i need a piece of leather like material or something to put behind the little flower thing... it just needs a little bit of stability. (the brown flower pin to the left of the image below)

after i was out of ideas for a bit, went to spend time with my boyfriend, watched some 'finding bigfoot' episodes (definitely some funny stuff), the brand new episode of Once Upon a Time (AMAZING), and reheated some delicious lasagna rolls that i made the previous night. yum.

we were hoping to go to the beach today after i got out of work, but it's still windy, causing the temperature to be not beach worthy. another day. :]

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