Saturday, May 2, 2009

thesis show

so, it's the END of the semester...*YES*. and that means my thesis work is hanging on a wall in a hallway at maine college of art. go see it, it looks great :D

thesis paper is printed, signed, and passed in. YAY. no need for a 3rd draft, that means i did a great job :) i hope.

final crit has happened, and went VERY WELL. as did my review :D *yay* i have burst out of my shell of struggling through senior year as a photo major, and have come out with a great body of work that can be identified by others outside of my majors group. i have sucessfully succeeded in creating a body of work that can be enjoyed for the look and the content. WHOOOOO! hahaha.

donated a print to a friend who let me inside one of the buildings i photographed, and it is now hanging in my hometown's little "museum", the taylor house, which makes me SUPER EXCITED!!!!

here's what my spot in the school's thesis show looks like, with all of my work :)
(and yes, i have a corner and a doorway in my spot, which i am happy for, due to my work's size. it helped with the organizing problems i was worried about concerning a long area of wall space.)

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