Wednesday, October 8, 2008

just a try

ok, so. this is my first blog entry... ever. well, besides on myspace, but that dosen't count.
no classes for the next couple days, because of Columbus Day vacation. so, that gives plenty of time to catch up on overwhelming amounts of homework. *yay* too bad that i'm going away to Greenville for 4 whole days. but, i'll be taking plenty of photographs the whole time that i'm not on the back of an atv. :)
(took this the last time i went up to greenville)
hopefully by the time i get back on monday, i'll be a little less stressed out from schoolwork and making up my mind about which direction i'm going for my thesis, and i'll have photos to post on here :D

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Aunt Pam said...

Good luck this week....sometimes a sabitical is good...sometimes not. Only you can decide.